Reasons Why Selling to an Investor is Better

If you are thinking of selling your home, you are probably thinking of doing it the old fashioned way: through a realtor. But have you ever considered doing it through an investment company such as Triangle Homes and Rehab, Inc? There are many benefits to selling your home through an investor. Here’s a few:

An investor will buy your house for cash.
The way an investment company, such as Triangle Homes, differs from a traditional realtor when it comes to selling your home is that investment com

panies tend to buy your property with cash. A lot of times when it comes to closing, investment companies can close quickly so you get your money right away. Realtors tend to get an average 6% commission and investment companies don’t ask for any kind of commission.

Selling with an investor can prevent you from going through the many headaches that come from selling your house the traditional way. After an inspection is done on your home, many realtors expect the seller to take care of the repairs. Many expect the repairs to be done as quickly as possible so the home can be ready for showings. When selling through an investor, the home doesn’t even need to be cleaned up. Once can sell their home as-is. There is no need to put money into a home that you’re trying to get rid of, right?

An investor can often refer you to useful local businesses.
Some investment companies can connect sellers with moving service based companies such as movers and cleaning companies, that charge a cheaper price than how much it would be for them to find those services on their own. This also allows investment companies to take something off the seller’s plate and relieving the stress that all brings.

Aside from selling their home, many sellers are playing both roles and are buyers looking for a new home to move into. This can bring a great amount of stress, especially when the house has been sitting on the market for a while. It near to impossible to make plans to buy a new house when there is no clear date of when the old home is going to sell. Getting an approved buyer takes twice as long in the current market. With an investment company, an exact date is given of when the home will be closed on.

No closing costs.
Selling with an investment company keeps sellers from having to pay contributions towards the buyers’ closing costs. It’s usually an all-inclusive deal and the investment company takes care of all the closing costs and title work expenses.

On the huge risks that comes with selling a home the traditional way is that buyers can always change their minds up until closing. This will force the seller to basically, have to start all over and having to continue making payments on their loan, paying for utilities and accruing property taxes while the house is listed and pending closing.

It’s a buyer’s market, so realtors have more than a dozen clients a day to juggle. Investment companies such as Triangle Homes have a dedicated staff that is made up of agents that each work on a file and are able to give their seller their full and undivided attention.

As one can see, there are many reasons why selling with an investor is better. If you are looking to sell your home quickly, give Triangle Homes and Rehab, Inc a call and once we’ve walked through your property, we will have a cash offer for you immediately!